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Commercial Claims Adjusters

We are large loss settlement experts in CT and MA

MHA provides complete public adjusting services for all types of commercial losses due to disaster.

When a business owner has a property insurance claim there are many intricacies that may be unknown. Most would have no past experience in with this process. In the case of a major disaster the business might need temporary facilities.

To get the maximum recovery for your loss requires meetings with the insurance adjusters and contractors.  It is neccessary to document all inventories and lost or damaged property.  After the invetory is completed the value must be determined, or more importantly the cost to replace those items.  This all takes time which means the business may have to be suspended for some time - this time has value - we make sure these expenses are accounted for.

Most business owners wouldn't know how to accurately value circumstances such as replacement versus repair, depreciation or how to determine which items are repairable or are considered a total loss.  In some cases insurance companies may try to clean an item that should otherwise have been replaced.  In many cases the insurace coverage may not be adequate to replace the item.  This is where MHA helps by protecting your business interests and working to get these items replaced - even if it is over and above the policy limitations.

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